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We are thankful for the following financial support for our research:

Co-PI, " CyberTraining: Pilot: Interdisciplinary Training of Data-Centric Security and Resilience of Cyber-Physical Energy Infrastructures," National Science Foundation (NSF), 2020-2022.

PI, “PEG: A Synergistic Approach Towards a Resilient Smart & Connected Coastal Community using Spatial Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Infrastructures,” Proposal Enhancement Grant, USF Research and Innovation, 2019.

Co-PI, USF PI, “Cyber-Physical Attacks Recovery in Smart Grids: Security, Resiliency, and Interdependency,” Collaborative Seed Award Program, Florida Center for Cybersecurity, 2018-2019.

Co-PI, USF PI, "Collaborative Research: CRISP Type 2: Revolution through Evolution: A Controls Approach to Improve how Society Interacts with Electricity," National Science Foundation (NSF), 2015-2019.

Co-PI, USF PI, “Probabilistic Characterization of Precursors to Cascading Failures in the Electric-Cyber Infrastructure,” Collaborative Basic Research, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), 2016-2019.

Co-PI, "Assessing the Livability and Technological Compatibility of an Independent, Interactive, and Sustainable Water and Power Home Utility System," TTU Seed Grants for Interdisciplinary Research, 2016-2017

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