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I am interested in organizing outreach events to show young students that engineering and science are exciting and have significant impact on our lives. I am particularly interested in engaging more women in STEM fields. I highly recommend participating in student organizations and outreach activities to all the students.

My Previous Outreach Projects:

  • Science: It's A Girl Thing! (Summer camp 2015 at TTU): This outreach event was to introduce computer science and programming to 5th-6th grade students using Alice 3 over a week. Based on my experience Alice is a great application that can make students excited to learn programing and is available at Alice website. Students had fun making their own animations and games while learning about computer programming and computer science. Students also learned about simulations using computers and worked with Netlogo to see some simple simulation examples, such as simulating propagation of fire in a forest! It was an amazing experience to teach young students to code. We collected the animations that students programmed and played them for a larger group of students in the camp!

Outreach projects that I was involved in as a student:

I was also involved in outreach activities when I was a PhD student. One of my most wonderful experiences have been serving as the president of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at the University of New Mexico in 2012. It was a great experience that taught me valuable leadership skills as a graduate student. I also got to meet so many wonderful women engineers at my school and in my area of research. With the kind supports we received at UNM, we organized outreach projects as well as a group travel with 16 UNM female students to the annual national conference (WE12) in November 2012. The outreach projects and the group travel to the conference were amazing experiences. Following is a list of projects we organized or participated in while I was a member of SWE at UNM:

  • Society of Women Engineering (SWE) Outreach! (March 2013): Organized and volunteered in the tallest tower project at a Middle School, Albuquerque.
  • School of Engineering Outreach! (Oct. 2012): Volunteered in a LED project and data transfer using light at an elementary school in Albuquerque to show the effect of light and how energy and data can be transfered with light.
  • An Evening at Explora! (May 2012): Worked with Girl Scouts in Explora! exhibits. We conducted encouraging, facilitating and thoughtful discussions about the scientific concepts.
  • A World In Motion (AWIM)-The balloon powered jet-car outreach project (April 2012): Volunteered in the "A World in Motion" project (Society of Automotive Engineers and UNM FSAE) at an Elementary school in Albuquerque.

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